CosmicX Official WorldEdit Guide

Region Selection

Your region selection is the area between your first and second positions, specifically the area you will be editing. It is not necessary to set positions for every command, the command will state whether or not you need one on this guide.

  • You can use //wand to get a wooden axe (or just get one out of your inventory). Then left click a block to set your first position, and then right click another block to set your second position to make a cube shaped selection.
  • Another option would be to use //pos1 to set your first position where you are standing, and then use //pos2 to set your second position.

Using //set

This command sets the region selection area to the block you specify in the command.

To use the command, make a region selection and then use //set (block) to set your region selection to the block you have specified. If you want to set the area to multiple blocks, you can use //set (block),(block),(block) and the area will be set to the blocks you have specified, and they'll be distributed evenly within the region selection. To decide how often you want the blocks to show up, you can add percentages in the command. Like this, //set 50%(block),20%(block),10%(block),30%(block) and if you are going to do that, make sure your percentages add up to 100%.

Using //replace

This command allows you to replace a block to another block.

To use this command, you will need to type //replace (from_block) (to_block). The "(from_block)" is the block you are wanting to remove, the old block. You can list blocks in this variable by separating them with commas, for example: stone,grass_block,diamond. The "(to_block)" is the block you are wanting to be there now, the new block. You are also able to list blocks in this variable by separating them with commas. For example, here is how to create a stone path from grass: //replace grass_block cobblestone,stone_brick,gravel,grass_block.

How to copy, cut, and paste

Once you have selected what you want to copy, stand in a position that is easy to remember and type //copy to copy what you selected. When you have copied it, your build you copied is now known as your 'clipboard'. You then need to move over to where you want it to be pasted, and stand in the same kind of location you were in when you copied it. When you are in that position you can then enter //paste to paste the clipboard down. It will be pasted in the exact same way you copied it as, if you want it flipped or rotated in anyway, read further down the thread as it explains there.

You can also use //cut to copy the build, but remove it at the same time. It works in the exact same way as the //copy command does, expect from the fact that the build has been removed. Then you can use //paste to place the clipboard back down.

You can paste your copied selection area without air with //paste -a

Using //rotate

This command allows you to rotate the area you have within your region selection.

Make sure you have copied what you want to rotate before doing anything else, if you do not know how to copy your region, read above as it explains how to do so.

Once you have copied the region, you can use //rotate (yRotate) (xRotate) (zRotate). The "(yRotate)" is required in order for the rotation to work, and it will determine the degrees your build gets rotated along the Y axis. The "(xRotate)" is the degrees you want it rotated by on the X axis and the "(zRotate)" is the degrees you want it rotated by on the Z axis - the X axis and Y axis are not required for the rotation to work. Your region won't be placed down until you have used //paste to paste it down.

When using //rotate it's a good idea to keep in mind that the clipboard will always rotate clockwise.

Using //flip

Similar to rotation, this lets you flip the selected region selection to be in a certain position.

For this to work, you are required to have a clipboard before doing anything (copy what you want to flip). If you are not sure how to copy, read above as it explains how. Once you have copied what you want to flip, you can use //flip (direction) to flip the clipboard. The "(direction)" must be replaced with the way you want it to flip, so 'Up, 'Down' 'North', 'East', 'South', or 'West'. To place down the flipped version of your clipboard, you will need to use //paste so it has been placed down.

Below is an example of an original build and it being flipped upside down. The gold blocks are showing where I set my two positions: